Live Street Art

We collaborated with Seen Presents to promote Stromae’s latest DVD release ‘Live’. The stylish 29-year-old Brussels singer-songwriter, who describes his sound as a mix of “hip-hop, dance music, salsa and French folk music, is the hottest pop star in Europe right now. The idea behind the campaign was to introduce Stromae to London folk, by creating an amazing street art experience, using the artist’s distinctive image to produce three giant murals across London – Shoreditch, Soho and Notting Hill. To add a playful and interactive dimension, the public were armed with a bunch of spray cans and given the chance to take part in some grown up colouring in.

  • Campaign to promote Stromae’s DVD
  • Street art experience
  • Mural created on our Portobello Road site

Stromae | Live street art
Stromae | Live street artStromae | Live street artStromae | Live street artStromae | Live street art

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