Shawn Mendes

If I can’t have you

Shawn Mendes is the poster boy of pop, who broke records with his debut single, “Life Of The Party”. Since then, he has mastered the art of the one-off single. In between his biannual albums, the singer-songwriter typically drops a new track, often tied to a re-release of the previous LP. To keep the love flowing, the pop star has kicked off his 2019 release schedule with an upbeat new single entitled “If I Can’t Have You”. We teamed up with Virgin Emi to bring the love to the heart of Shoreditch by creating a show stopping mural for all to see.

  • Campaign to promote “If I can’t have you”
  • Mural
  • Shoreditch

Shawn Mendes new single 'If I can't have you' - mural in ShoreditchShawn Mendes new single 'If I can't have you' - mural in Shoreditch

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