Parkway Drive

Viva the Underdogs

Australian’s ultimate heavy metal band Parkway Drive have produced an epic new documentary, Viva the Underdogs, following the bands 15 years in the Aussie music scene. The band streamed the documentary free to fans over the weekend but for anyone who missed it, the official release date is April 24th and the soundtrack is out now. The flaming artwork matches the bands hardcore journey to becoming headliners at the largest rock festival in the world. We ran the campaign nationwide posting the fiery imagery on large billboards & digital screens all over the UK.

  • Campaign to promote Parkway Drive’s epic new documentary Viva the Underdogs
  • Billboards
  • London

Parkway Drive - Viva the UnderdogsParkway Drive - Viva the UnderdogsParkway Drive - Viva the Underdogs

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