Marilyn Manson

We are Chaos

How can someone like Marilyn Manson, who’s made such a shocking and controversial impact over the last several decades, get a message across in a new way? That was the question when promoting new album We Are Chaos, a diverse, dark album that’s gained critical acclaim since its release.

We worked with Manson’s record company Caroline International on a special build that aimed to do the shock-rocker justice: a mostly black billboard with tones of watercolour and a photo of Manson with his tattooed hands crossed over his chest and his eyes facing upwards. With sparks of colour in his eyeshadow and nail varnish beneath a 3D impression of his hair, the build caught the eye of even the most unassuming passer-by.

  • Campaign to promote Marilyn Manson’s album We Are Chaos
  • Special build
  • Kentish Town

Marilyn Manson - We are Chaos - Special buildMarilyn Manson - We are Chaos - Special build

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