Island Records

Black History Month

Off the back of worldwide protests, awareness-raising efforts and fundraising for Black Lives Matter and related causes, Black History Month feels even more necessary than ever. To bring attention to the necessity of this educational month, we teamed up with Island Records for billboards in specially chosen areas across London dedicated to BHM.

The billboards, featuring artists like Donae’o, Ella Eyre, Ray BLK and Dizzee Rascal, are huge-scale reminders of the importance of the Black community, particularly in London. The boards feature large photos of the artists alongside quotes, like Ray BLK’s powerful message that reads, “Black History Month for me is about celebrating our rich black culture, recognising the power we have and whilst acknowledging the hardships we’ve faced, we remind ourselves that we also come from a bloodline of kings, queens, inventors, and a motherland of the world’s best and most necessary resources, Africa!”

  • Campaign for Black History Month
  • Billboards
  • London


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