Django Django

Glowing in the Dark

Art rock quartet Django Django finished their fourth studio album a little before the pandemic hit, but it still traverses themes of very relevant social division, with drummer David Maclean recently saying to an interviewer that, “the world was a bit of a mess even before the lockdowns”. Those themes make the album, Glowing in the Dark, feel incredibly current despite its more upbeat vibes stylistically.

The record has been glowingly reviewed by several outlets, so to spread the word further, we partnered with CMS Music Media to takeover billboard sites in London and Glasgow. The billboards feature black posters with the striking album art, a playful, bright painting featuring red desert hills, a camel, a blacked-out figure and a skull, that’s hard to miss.

  • Campaign to promote Django Django’s new album Glowing in the Dark
  • takeovers, billboards
  • London, Glasgow

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