Aphex Twin


Having worked with Warp Records on a number of recent album releases, the DIABOLICAL team were more than happy to help build a campaign to promote, Syro, the sixth studio album from Aphex Twin. Known for his unusual album artwork, depicting distorted images of his own face, the posters distinctive design of the musicians hairline, eyes, mouth and chin chopped and pasted together to make a contorted face was posted on billboards in key locations across the UK.

  • Credible sites in prime locations in high traffic areas within close proximity to city centres
  • Close to live gig venues and busy transport hubs
  • Campaign ran across the UK in key cities, including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Manchester
  • Top 10 in the UK album charts

Aphex Twin 'SYRO' Album Release
Aphex Twin 'SYRO' Album ReleaseAphex Twin 'SYRO' Album ReleaseAphex Twin 'SYRO' Album ReleaseAphex Twin 'SYRO' Album Release