Time for Plan B

Plan B is back – and taking his latest album ‘Heaven before all hell breaks loose’ to the streets of his hometown of London ahead of his UK tour. To promote the release, we recently worked with Atlantic Records on a high impact billboard and 4 sheet poster campaign across the city.

The album has taken a rather different turn to the two previous albums – Plan B stated in an interview with GQ that he’s moved away from rapping because, “I feel that I’m not being honest with myself if I’m living the high life and I’m trying to rap about the other side of things”. Elements of the album are based on recent social and political factors, while the overall theme stems from his living in “a perpetual state of heaven on earth”.  However, big fans of his earlier work need not stress – he’s also expressed his intentions of releasing a hiphop album in the coming years. For furthers details about his tour visit here.