Jamie Isaac works best at 04:30

To celebrate the release of Jamie Isaac’s second album, (04:30) Idler, we worked with CMS Media on a huge poster campaign across London, ranging everything from 4 sheet to large format 96 sheet.

The album follows Jamie’s acclaimed 2016 debut, Couch Baby – and it’s safe to say he’s creatively progressed his style, heavily drawing influence from Stan Getz and João Gilberto’s 1964 opus Getz / Gilberto. The album is based on Isaac’s personal battle with insomnia, resonating in the title and artwork.

Originally a classically trained musician, Jamie shifted his attention to jazz, stating in an interview with Noisey that he found that “after a while classical is so rigid and there’s no room for improvisation”. Jamie developed his talent at The Brit School, where he met, worked, and at one point even lived with Archy Ivan Marshall, King Krule.

For those of you less familiar with his work, Jamie sings relaxed melodies to shoegazed bossa nova piano chords backed by jazz percussion. Elements of his work carry similarities to artists James Blake and Jamie Woon.

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