The Prodigy get nasty

It’s been a busy few days for The Prodigy, as news leaked that their first album in six years would be out in March, the posters went up and the gloves most definitely came off, not that we ever expected anything less. The Day Is My Enemy has been described as loud, obnoxious and violent, and that’s just by the band, who also recently claimed that they should be seen as just as an important cultural band as the likes of Blur or Oasis.

‘I don’t wanna pop up on a few more TV programmes saying ‘The Prodigy did this!’ I’m just telling people now that, yeah, I think we are important. When you trace the lines back to the Sex Pistols and the Clash, we are in that line.’ Liam Howlett, The Prodigy via NME.

The Prodigy’s album is out at the end of March followed by a UK tour starting in May.

Is this the last ever AC/DC album?

The band’s last live show, their Black Ice tour in 2010, was the fourth biggest-grossing tour of all time making around £258m, but with Malcolm Young sadly retiring with dementia and drummer Phil Rudd experiencing a difficult year with the fuzz, it’s rumoured that this could be the bands last ever album and live tour. The rockers, who have been together for more than 40 years, are set to play three dates in Glasgow, Dublin and at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium, we’ll try to ignore the coincidence that this tour puts them in the UK at the same time as next year’s Glastonbury Festival, we’re sure it is just that, a coincidence.

Pom poms at the ready

He’s been likened to Frank Zappa and Ariel Pink’s latest album Pom Pom does little to dispel the comparison. The US singer is promoting his album on a worldwide tour right now and the team positioned his latest album poster on our popular backlit site at Bethnal Green, projecting Pom Pom across London.

Photo credits – Sal Maxuda