Nao’s Saturn Return

  • 1 November 2018

Nao returns this month with her heavenly second album, Saturn. The talented British singer-songwriter first made a splash on the scene with her critically acclaimed debut, For All We Know, and returns after a two-year hiatus. Her new release is named after the astrological theory of the “Saturn Return” – essentially when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it was when a person was born. As a cosmic rule this usually happens every 29 years – a paradigm shift that Nao has used as inspiration for the album.

Receiving incredible reviews across both music and national press – and after creating some amazing out-of-home to celebrate Nao’s first album – we wanted to make sure that her second was an astrological success. We worked with Sony Music to re-create the album artwork, adding a 3D element to our 48 sheet billboards around London, with real white balloons tied to Nao’s hands. The special builds caught the attention of the street and made sure the singer’s new album got off to a flying start.

Find out more about Saturn and Nao’s upcoming tour here.


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