Leake Street

  • 8 April 2014
Leake Street

Sabina Andron has dared herself with the enormous task of monitoring and documenting the changes on different areas of wall over 100 consecutive days on Leake Street.

This tunnel under the former Eurostar terminal in Waterloo station is one of the few spaces in London where you can legally graffiti, and so is used as a training ground for everyone from amateur taggers to the mighty King Robbo. The street was transformed into a legitimate canvas after Banksy held his Banksy’s Cans Festivals there in 2008.

Andron wanted to capture the variety and energy of the street, hoping the project would reveal the necessity of having free painting spaces in the middle of the city.
The sheer quantity of stunning art getting painted over everyday is astonishing, clearly showing the skill and misunderstood nature of graffiti artists.