Time to check in to the Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino

  • 2 May 2018
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

So far 2018 has been all about a huge Arctic Monkeys comeback. It’s been four year’s since their massive world tour and last album and, with the hotly awaited new release, ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino’, due to hit the shelves later this month, we were excited to get the word out. Working with CMS Music Media we took to the streets to share the news, rolling out a 48 sheet billboard teaser poster campaign in London. The album will drop with Domino Records on 11th May, a week after they begin touring – and here’s a little about what we can expect.

The album was reportedly very close to being released by Alex Turner as a solo album, with lead guitarist Jamie Cook telling MOJO that “I think at first, because it was quite basic – piano, vocal and no guitar – Al was in two minds about, ‘is this Arctic Monkeys or am I going somewhere else with this’. And maybe at first I was a bit like that as well. It’s not definitely not a guitar-heavy record, not typically what we’d do. It took a lot more thinking about.” You can read more here.

It’s not too surprising that Alex Tuner went on to describe the album as not only autobiographical but more accurately as “having a word with himself”.

We can’t wait to find out more and check in to the mind of the Arctic Monkeys’ frontman and their hotel.