In his short career to date, Slowthai has developed a reputation as one of the brightest young stars in UK rap. He speaks for and with a generation of kids who’ve been ignored for too long by the powers that be. His voice is not driven by rage it’s driven by a desire for freedom and happiness: freedom to be who you want to be, and the happiness that comes with that. We were excited to team up with Method Records to help promote Slowthai’s latest album Nothing Great about Britain, we created a series of mirror posters which included the slogan “Something great about Britain”. Slowthai posted this message on his Instagram encouraging people to interact with the posters “If you don’t know by now, it’s YOU!!! Find the mirror posters and take a photo of yourself to show me what’s great #ngab.

  • Campaign to promote Nothing Great about Britain
  • Mirror posters
  • London

Slowthai - Mirrored PostersSlowthai - Mirrored PostersSlowthai - Mirrored Posters

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